Wednesday, April 16th, 2014



This long, dark winter has left the beloved Birch Cup itching to step outside and sight see.

So far, it has made its way though Central Park, Grand Central, The Met Museum of Art, The Museum of Natural History, and a few other pretty awesome places around New York City.
Know that it may be a small cup, but has big dreams of travel, so stay tuned. There will be some exciting adventures in store.
Keep tabs on the whereabouts of this cup of love by following us on Instagram! All trips are documented under #travellingcupoflove and #wherewillthebirchcupgonext


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Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Jug Delivery is Back!

We write this as snow falls from the sky once more, however, believe it or not, cold brew delivery season is just around the corner!
Starting April 1st, our delivery bike hits the streets once more, jugs in tow.

We’d be stoked to have you as a stop along our route this year.

Sign up by March 15th for delivery service, and we’ll give you 20% off of your first two deliveries! Pretty awesome.  You don’t even have to sign up to begin your season April 1st in order to get the discount. You want your cold brew starting in May? Totally cool, just let us know by March 15th.

Shoot an email to and she will get you all set up!

Stay warm, friends. And may visions of cold-brew dance in your head.


Birch loves you.

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Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Uptown Artist in Residence: Sebastian Alappat


Sebastian Alappat: Artist & Designer living in the UWS.
The work is from Sketch365, a daily practice to create new art for one year.
Contact for purchase:
Follow on Instagram:@seabats16

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Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Birch 2.0 Has Arrived!

Dear Friends,

We cannot thank you enough for your patience over the past couple of months while our flagship store under-went construction, and then moved a hop, skip and jump down the block. It has meant the world, and reminded us repeatedly of why it is we do what we do. YOU.


We are NOW OPEN at 21 East 27th Street. Please come visit us there. We can’t wait to see you, lookin’ all fancy in the new space. The new door is 65 steps east (toward Madison) of the old space. That black, posh looking part of the wall on the block? That’s us!

See you soon, friend.


Birch LOVES You.

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Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Moving Party!

Hey Friends!

Birch 2.0 is days away from being ready for you. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Next Thursday, February 13th, we are saying farewell to the special space that this incredible journey started. The shop is a reflection of you, and it would mean the world for you to be there to celebrate this awesome community that has grown with us!

Join us starting at 7 pm for some food and drinks and let’s go out with a bang!

Your Birch Crew

(and be on the lookout for the opening celebration of the new space!)

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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

August Artist in Residence Erika Kapin

Erika Kapin believes that music and art have the power to cause joy,
inspiration, healing and insight. She uses both music and visual art as ways to bring more of these elements into the world. Raised in Washington state,Erika began her formal training in photography at Bellevue Community
College in 1999. Moving to NYC in 2005, by 2008 she began an association
with the Chair and the Maiden gallery where her photographs have been
featured the group shows “Preview” and “ArtLive”(2008/2009) as well as in
her solo exhibitions “One and the Same” and “Stolen Moments.”Additionally, Erika’s photography has appeared on several album releases including Jane Ira Bloom’s WingWalker, Tony Malaby’s Tamarindo Live, and Aaron Shragge/Akim Funk Buddah’s Shaku-Box. An interview with Kapin and selected images from her “One and the Same” collection were featured in the Fall 2009 issue of Fine Arts Magazine. Work from the “Stolen Moments” collection is featured in the May 2010 issue of the Camera Obscura blog. Erika is the photographer for The New School For Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Plastic Portraits is a project that seeks to explore our relationship with plastics. People in this world interact with plastics on a daily basis. From single-use, disposable items, to medical and technological equipment that many of us find essential to our lives, plastic is so integrated that we often use and interact with it without being aware of it.

By photographing different people with the plastics they use daily, this project opens the door to thoughtfulness and discussion around the plastics of our lives. It raises awareness of the ubiquitous presence plastic has in our world and hopefully will spark individuals to make more thoughtful, informed decisions regarding their own plastic consumption.

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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

July Artist in Residence Lauren Underwood

Lauren Underwood grew up in Portland and Boring, OR at the same time. She witnessed the transition from city to country and country to city each week as she traveled between these two homes. She went to college in Bellingham, WA. At Fairhaven College she designed a degree titled: Facilitating Creative Learning through Community. One summer she spent two months traveling by bicycle from the NW corner of the United States to the SW. These landscapes became imprinted on her as she moved through them.
She has always soaked up the world visually. Her recent work accesses shapes, colors, patterns, rhythms and structures gathered from her current and past surroundings. She is interested in allowing both the repetitive qualities of her environments, and her fixation with them to exist in her artwork.
Lauren now lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is a barista at Lark Café, takes painting classes at the Art Students League and looks for new experiences.

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Monday, June 3rd, 2013

June Artist in Residence: Matthew Pisani

Matthew Pisani is a painter, advertising art director and creator of Often painting in a style he refers to as objectivism, Matthew bends paper clips into unique shapes and then incorporates the wire figures into his abstract art. Recently, he has begun exploring a painting approach inspired by the impressionism and realism movements.

With bold design and evocative colors, Matthew believes that successful pieces of art are those that connect with the audience and elicit an emotional response. No matter how subjective or individual the mind is, there are universal elements of humanity that unite each one of us. Art and creative pursuits are certainly among these unifying occurrences.

For more information, please visit:

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Sunday, May 12th, 2013

May Artist in Residence: Tim Goodwin

Here’s a little note from Tim:

Hello. I was born in Rochester, NY, which is home to Kodak and Xerox. Long before Kodak went bankrupt, we hardy Rochestarians shoveled a lot of snow, made fun of Buffalo, and used a lot of Kodak cameras. The first time I remember using a camera was sometime in the early 80s, when I used up an entire roll of film on the short-lived (but super-futuristic!) Kodak Disc Camera, taking pictures of my G.I. Joe action figures in what was no doubt a heated battle with my Star Wars action figures.
Film developing in the 80s was much more involved than it is today, what with driving to the local Wegmans, dropping off film, waiting for an hour (only an hour! How super-futuristic!), then tapping your feet anxiously while they found your film, paying, then ripping open the package because you just can’t wait any longer, only to find that, out of a roll of 24 pictures, only two came out half-way decent, one looks like you punched your friend in the face with the flash, and everything else is black due to over-exposure.
So when I happily brought my documentarian’s roll of G.I. Joe/Star Wars film to my father, he wasn’t the least bit pleased that I had used up a roll of film in three minutes and twenty-three seconds, and was now eager to get to Wegmans to drop the film off, have the workers feint from the brilliance of my war-time composition of the pinnacle battle between Han Solo and Destro, and probably get asked to be in a Star Wars movie by George Lucas.
No one feinted, I wasn’t asked to be in a Star Wars movie. George Lucas got fat, and made some horrible movies.
But that’s not the point.
Nothing much else happened up until 1991, when I saw Anton Corbijn’s cover photos for U2′s exceptionally awesome and best-thing-ever Achtung Baby. The colours! The candid-ness! “The Fly!” That’s when I sought out a camera of my own and have spent a lot of time ever since trying to do something as cool; but as U2 once said, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” or, as some others have said, “Ohhh, no, no. No. You’re no Anton Corbijn.”

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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

April Artist in Residence: Yeon Jee

Paintings to Be Slept On
April 1 to April 30, 2013

Yeon Jee studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute and Fashion at Fashion Institute of Technology. She was born in Seoul, Korea, and moved to America at the age of 15. She is currently living in New York painting, writing, and playing music.

Phone: 201 214 4373

Other Works:

Please join us this Saturday April 6th at 7 pm for the opening party


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