멕시코 치아파스
멕시코 치아파스
멕시코 치아파스
멕시코 치아파스
멕시코 치아파스
멕시코 치아파스
멕시코 치아파스


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Mundo Novo, Typica, and Bourbon


Toffee, Lemon, and Peanut Butter


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Coffee Information

Brew Method




Coffee Type

Single Origin


Central America


Nutty • Cocoa

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lucy H.
So good i love u birch

Love birch coffees always from the stores to the whole beans. This one’s our favorite of the ones we tried. Nice body smooth and chocolatey. Not citrusy or acidic

Merideth J.
The Mexican Chiapas is wonderful

Really nice body and flavor. Super fresh

Namrata K.

My addiction to Birch coffee started in 2014 when I moved to NYC and found it in my neighborhood. Every morning, I woke up to a freshly brewed pot of Birch's Mexican blend. As an afternoon pick me up, I often found myself at the Birch Upper East Side location getting my second dose (a latte). It has been a few years since I left the city. I tried to find alternatives to kick the Birch habit but to no avail. My day just isn't the same without having my Birch fix. I resorted to having family and friends in NYC mail me coffee. No trip to the city was without stopping to restock. When Birch started the website and subscription, I almost cried. The Mexican blend may have gone through a few renditions, but one thing is consistent, it is the way I start my day.. Birch, if you ever discontinue it, you may owe me damages for pain and suffering.

Raul O.
Best Coffee QSV

We are Birch Coffee lovers. Every time we are in NYC, we always enjoy once or even twice a day an exquisite iced or hot Birch latte. Since the moment we found them, over five years ago we fell in love with the brand.
The Quality, Service and Value are outstanding. We live in San Francisco, and even though we have several and great coffee options here, Birch still is our favorite. Hence, we've been subscribed to their home delivery program for years. We've tried several of their coffee roasts but our favorite is the Mexico Chiapas.
This coffee is delicious, a dark roast is our favorite so this coffee deliveries all of the components of a perfect, rich, strong and well balanced coffee. It has a delightful chocolate toffee creamy taste, which makes it so enjoyable. We have an espresso machine, thus this coffee is great as a latte, americano or just an espresso shot. The Mexico Chiapas is very a versatile and complex coffee. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of Birch's varietals since they do stand out because of their products' high standards. Whether if you are in NYC or somewhere else, we highly recommend to try Birch Coffee at least once, you'll be back for more.

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